1999 2004 nternet entrepreneurship history 8848

Zhou Hongyi should be stimulated.

The capital of

in 1999, before the arrival of the new century is full of excitement and joy. Hot money stock market all the way to take cities and seize territory, A. The whole city of Beijing has quickened its pace.

for IT in 1999, called the 8848 circle be struck dumb. Compared with it, a considerable amount of body, china.com Sina, Sohu, NetEase, it is more like a bland.

the company is the predecessor of the federal software electronic commerce department. By then hot money raging momentum, 8848 laps a large sum of money, is said to be hundreds of millions of dollars, began selling software on the internet.

8848 founder Wang Juntao, responsible for the planning of the market and the market is responsible for the Pan Jianxin, are aware of the circle of the old man in the past, the old man in the past, the old man who is in charge of the market in the past years". Wang Juntao is the Fuzhou Federation of the boss, from the federal Yiding Tianhui do the planning, followed by 8848, Pan Jianxin was Chinese star manager of the marketing department, they are all my previous partners, although not very iron, but also to let everyone speak to each other, outspoken. Chatting on ICQ and MIRC was an important hobby for me and Pan Jianxin at that time. At the same time, Wang Juntao and I are often in the forum, but not one another.

as a peer, for the Federal Department of e-commerce to 8848 crow become the Phoenix, the circle more or less some envy, and cannot read and learn.

I have a meeting with Wang Juntao on the phone, he asked, "you do not have the past even turnover billion, now get billions of money to spend, how to spend?" phone opposite, said Wang Juntao slowly, "Hey, you get so much, how You’ll see. spent."

don’t understand, I’m not alone.

, general manager of Beijing Jinshan Lei Jun, and I discussed the 8848 domain, once full of profound meaning to say, "do you think that 8848 of the domain name? Think about it, what is a homonym this number?"

will not be 48, it is a matter of the future, and now the first 88. Zhou Hongyi is obviously stimulated by this kind of thing, I think I should pick up the money to try.

"make up your mind. Lao du." Perhaps it is not too many opportunities to meet after the meeting, Zhou Hongyi appears very sincere, the tone is still a little worried.


did not work in Jinghe here, just be a relief. What are the times now? Do you want to get a software company, from the software and then make a hard sell? Do you want to work in a place to build a small house, people got a Yangqiangyangbao, all through a few, your house will cover the building boom. Now full of hot money, seize the opportunity."

Zhou Hongyi said to him, I want my. In fact, I have been concerned about the development of the internet. 1997, 98 years, Hong Tao software also

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