To prevent the domain name account information is fraudulent timely modification of telephone inform

    today from a domain name registrar to get a fraud domain name account of the case information, it is very important to remind the webmaster friends, remember.

      things like this: a domain name registrar Nanjing Branch received a fax information: ID card copy and domain name ID, as well as the application for the replacement of the password. Request to change the ID password. Sent to the new mailbox [email protected]   
      fortunately, domain name registrant contact me in time to determine this is a fake fraud. A very simple fraud, may be easily identified, but if the fraud was repeated 100 times, once successful, may have caused huge losses to the owner of the domain name.

    afterwards I checked that this copy of the ID card was fake PS behavior. They left a phone call for 13806026509 queries for Fujian, Xiamen.

  although this is a very low-level fraud, but give the webmaster and IDC agents once again sounded the alarm:
1: a copy of ID card could easily succeed, by PS, or other links are easily obtained. Only a copy of the ID card is not credible, to stay more than a few links to verify. Must not be careless.
2    in the modification of the password, domain name transfer, such as behavior, be sure to beware of the existence of fraud, check and verify the   layer by layer;   telephone mail, etc..
3  as the domain name owner, must be your telephone, mail check at any time, some people call a few years no change, see this article, you will spend 10 minutes, check your email, your domain account, whether by telephone and mail proxy account is the new normal! It’s dangerous, you can’t find anyone in case it happens.
4  IDC providers remember to protect your agent under the domain name and other wealth. In the transfer, transfer and other operations, mail, telephone, ID card can not be less.


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