360 low key build Adsense in the conspiracy what


recently, the 360 station in Harbin called the brightest alliance summit is more generous invitation to Japanese popular actress TAKISAWA Laura to the platform, the meaning behind is about 360 owners of the alliance can solve your secret sorrow. It is interesting that the meeting did not invite a number of mainstream media to participate, but quietly do things. After getting to know one of 360 people, let’s look at what they’re plotting.

1 in the small website development, stationmaster faces security, business model and capital three problems, 360 of the alliance is to move the knife in it.

2 in terms of security, the alliance partners will provide a full range of enterprise class security protection from malicious URL attacks or malicious tampering with.

3.360 is the flow of the exchange volume exchange platform, the establishment of cross platform, cross industry traffic standards, unified integration system, Web, software, APP traffic between the exchange.

4 and 360 for the amount corresponding to the mobile phone terminal alliance alliance is the 360 Mobile Alliance, the alliance will build a mobile phone application alliance platform, change the alliance with 360 interchangeable flow, the expansion of APP exposure, the establishment of traffic ecosystem.

5.360 navigation alliance will be launched for the PC software developers and owners related traffic realizable service, revenue sharing, which is the first time for the 360 partner open flow of resources to achieve. The first, Baidu alliance has been in order to make a profit, the 360 has hukouduoshi potential.

6.360 innovation investment fund will give priority to support the outstanding innovation partners in the enterprise, so that they can survive before the business model matures.


360 why so low-key, personal speculation is worried about Baidu’s pressure, the first Baidu League alone big, 360 have been unwilling to flow down the Baidu money, ready to own labangjiehuo the money earned, but the League was founded, is not perfect in all aspects, if premature exposure, not only is 360, including owners, partners, are very vulnerable to Baidu’s pressure, it is difficult to control 360.

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