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      first I have to tell friends to see this article, if you think it looks very boring, or irrelevant, ha ha, I apologize, this is one of the station’s sequelae, I found my site from contact to now, I have changed, every day contact with me most in addition to the chair, computer, bed almost nothing else what. Because in my heart, always told me to insist, insist, insist on.

      I believe that here’s a small website of their own, but most people do the original intention and the purpose of station is to make money, on this point, I also like. From my website is now 7 months, the total income of about 10000 yuan money, a month on average 1000 dollars, may well money of the people, the word "take a little shame, but I don’t think that personal values of different. If there is the initial stage of the station to do their own friends standing in the end what? I tell you, the only thing you need is courage.

      I said these are likely to be the topic of what technology a commonplace talk of an old scholar, not at all, but there are still many QQ I have the same hobby friends ask me questions like, here I would like to devote some of my own experience for everyone, if wrong, please pointed out.

      early stage:

      the station began to do the idea of a friend, I think you don’t have to worry too much, a lot of people do when the idea will go to the station, imagine your website success according to their ability, I think it is not necessary, anyone can make a the website, a good website, has nothing to do with you, first you have to play the advantages of your own, such as your hard work, you study, you have good communication ability, have good learning ability. The firm do stand ideas, next is the actual action, many people lost their the a what kind of website, what kind of website to make money, I think this Gates can’t answer you, I give you advice is, try not to follow the trend, especially in a relatively mature field, such as the hao123 The navigation station, in my opinion, this kind of station to do the so-called "oil" has been very little. In addition hao123 can do more successful in addition to, has very little, as the old saying goes, on the Internet the myth flourishes gone, on the live only rely on their own strength, there are a lot of friends to see the industry station and the local portal is very fire, asked me to do, I do you think there are hundreds of thousands or millions of funds, have their own technical team, I think you can do, otherwise your personal power to start a local portal, the probability of success is almost the last 0 is location >

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