Photo sharing site Twitpic will be shut down in October 25th

[Abstract]Twitter lawsuit almost closed Twitpic, in mid September, Twitpic suddenly announced that it will be acquired by a mysterious buyer.

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Twitpic recent situation can be described as changeable, and now the fate of Twitpic has basically settled. Twitpic official announced that the site will be shut down in October 25th.

early in the first month, the Twitter Twitter Twitpic alleged infringement of trademark rights, Twitpic has announced that the website will be shut down in September 25th. In mid September, Twitpic suddenly announced that the mysterious buyer is about to buy the site, the site will continue to operate.

today, Twitpic announced on Twitter: "with a heavy heart, we announced that Twitpic will close again."

in a blog, Twitpic founder Everett Everett (Noah) referred to the acquisition of the previous news, he once again expressed hope that we apologize.

Twitpic said that if Twitpic does not give up its own brand, Twitter threatened to cut off the connection between Twitpic and Twitter API, so Twitpic site was forced to shut down. At the same time, before October 25th, the user must export or remove all Twitpic personal data. (Yi Hui)

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