Suning hundred days campaign who moved the cheese

recently, Suning frequently make a market adjustment, but every adjustment are frowned upon, it really should be the phrase "Reds are more", or who moved the cheese, there may be Suning has earnestly feelings, of course also may be playing with not for the consumer.


Su dormant for two years in Ningdu


two years ago in August, a battle of Suning and Jingdong, let into many consumers view, when the rapid growth of Suning also allow the industry to exclaim, but in the subsequent two years Suning electronic business seems to be in a growth bottleneck.

but it also depends on who, Ali, Suning and Jingdong than indeed still lags behind, but’s turnover still has more than Dangdang, Amazon, shop No. 1 old business enterprise, even the way ahead to old rival Gome’s business development, it can be said that Su Ningmu has confirmed the position of the third industry.

of course, this is not the stadium, but the battlefield, industry third of little significance, becoming the first in the industry is Suning’s goal, but in the past two years the development of Suning does not seem smooth, the reason lies in the lack of internal business "infrastructure, frequent changes in the external market".

from the development history of, the catch in 2012 electricity outbreak this year, Taobao announced that GMV broken trillion, and this year rapid growth, turnover exceeded 20 billion. But behind the high growth is the pressure test of the electricity supplier base construction, has not suited to the situation in the construction site, supply chain management, logistics service efficiency, customer service and other aspects, so from the beginning of 2012, whether public or industry consumer market began to blame, also began to grow into a bottleneck short.

nearly two years of electricity supplier outbreak period is a good time to, is also the worst of times, on the one hand to let rapid growth, on the other hand, let it fall into the infrastructure for lack of embarrassment. Ali and the early development of the Jingdong, the electricity supplier market is relatively stable, consumer demand for electricity supplier service is not so high, so the two sides do a very solid infrastructure to do a good job. Compared to Ali and Suning in Jingdong, before the electricity supplier on the basis of the construction is weak, especially in the high pressure environment electricity supplier outbreak period is completely unmasked, so, over the past two years, Suning in the construction of perfect foundation ceaselessly, change system, construction, logistics talents.

The rapid change of

external market for Suning Electric business development has brought problems, these two years the electricity supplier market theme changing price from 2012 to 2013 and 2014 to fight logistics, fight O2O, a series of changes in the market need Suning to adjust, and each adjustment will consume part of previous results labor. However, the market has changed to go, but finally let the industry has been considered to be a drag on Suning stores into its most valuable core assets. The wave of O2O, once again gave Suning opportunity.

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