Brush single repeated claims 216 Ali played a deterrent effect


is a single brush electric enemy, Ali has been the single brush high-pressure policy, why the style of mutation, yiyanbuge sued silly push net



repeated brush has become a major problem plagued electricity providers and consumers, one of the reasons is the illegal cost is too low, it is difficult to deter brush organizers. Although the existing administrative punishment cannot be hit, but it does not mean that the brush single platform can sleep without any anxiety, Ali by scalping troubled decided by civil procedure make it really feel the pain of cutting one’s body.

yesterday, Ali officially submitted to the court after the indictment, shaped brush single platform "silly push network suspected of serious harm to the market competition order, 2 million 160 thousand yuan of the amount of the claim, a website public prosecution brush single platform first, regardless of how the final result, Ali picked up the legal weapons to prosecute the act itself, will be great to deter the arrogance of brush single platform.

new retail era, whether businesses or consumers, logistics, business platform, a part of the life of every business should understand the single brush to brush single sequence of events, and added to the protracted crackdown in scalping. The brush single platform Ali the real thing, not only is a good time to popular science brush brush the vast harm and governance, more conducive to the healthy and sustainable development of the entire electricity supplier industry.

electronic business platform is difficult to cure a single brush

electric brush single long-standing phenomenon, Ali, Jingdong and other electronic business platform is a victim, brush single business platform is related to the credibility and market order, any business are game player zero tolerance attitude towards it, has nothing to do with the business model. On the surface, and the business platform is a single brush brush single behavior of the protagonist into the inner reasons; a single brush rise in the electronic business platform is to cater to the consumer mentality, and meet the demands of the interests of businesses, brush single platform from the merchant service fee.

businesses know business platform was banned by a single brush, also know that scalping is unfair to consumers, but never cross the line, because the single brush can get better search rankings, and get more sales. It is not difficult to see that scalping is essentially a kind of opportunistic marketing behavior, the distortion of business strategy is a product of fierce competition in the electricity supplier, in addition to the conventional train, drill exhibition, high profit pressure forced businesses to try new marketing means, brush the middle of their wants, and accurately hit the user attention orders and evaluation of consumer psychology.

is on the side of the single brush enthusiastic businessmen and brush single platform, while the single platform heavy regulation brush, both played a cat and mouse game of wits. To some extent, electric brush single repeated, on behalf of the business and the brush single platform of the interests of the community more better, formed gray industrial chain of great benefits to electronic business platform helpless. Electricity supplier brush mainly concentrated in the YY, QQ group, in order to avoid the regulation of the electricity supplier platform, brush a single customer to imitate the true behavior of the online shopping, disguised himself as a customer, through

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