Dangdang books officially settled QQ online shopping 790 thousand books on the line

June 29th, the exclusive operation of Dangdang QQ online shopping channel (http://s.buy.qq.com/book/) formally launched. In the future, Dangdang 790 thousand kinds of books in the library through the background Unicom, all can be purchased directly through the QQ online shopping platform. Tencent users do not have to register Dangdang account can enjoy Dangdang online book service. According to the official news, dangdang.com baby channel will in July officially entered the QQ online shopping platform.

Library in exclusive Tencent, consumers purchase orders of commodity in QQ online shopping platform will enjoy the synchronization and dangdang.com discount prices by dangdang.com is responsible for shipping and distribution, and the QQ online shopping users can enjoy the same dangdang.com users cash on delivery, fake a lose five, 15 Center City, door refund day delivery 143, the core of a city on the next day and night to send such a unified Dangdang service. In addition, consumers can purchase online customer service through QQ telephone channel consultation or complaints. According to Dangdang relevant responsible person said, Dangdang will also have a dedicated telephone customer service staff to support QQ online shopping and Dangdang related business needs.


according to dangdang.com earnings data show that in the sale of 790 thousand kinds of class diagram shuppim, dangdang.com 2012 Q1 book sales reached 700 million yuan, long dangdang.com books occupy domestic book online and offline 20% (excluding textbooks) market share. Dangdang exclusive operation by QQ online shopping channel can facilitate the rapid development of QQ online shopping online shopping crowd.

in May this year, the Tencent announced to invest $1 billion to set up a Tencent and Tencent electric holding company, the electricity supplier’s business pat, QQ mall, easy fast, mobile providers, service life, digital distribution business integration to the new QQ online shopping platform, trying to achieve "a new generation of electricity providers an open platform open platform" B2C+ quality merchants the pattern of. Cooperation with Dangdang is one of its important initiatives to open.

domestic senior e-commerce expert Gong Wenxiang believes that the electricity supplier strategy Tencent open platform and open platform strategy of Tencent is the Tencent will be the same strain, the huge volume and marketing resources are inclined to those who really high-quality businesses have competitive capacity and good reputation in the product from the perspective of nature, different scale enterprises, whether it is traditional, the seller brands or B2C companies, Tencent in the open platform have the same starting point, have the opportunity to achieve brilliant sales performance, the Tencent to build their own electricity supplier ecosystem at the same time, will also promote the harmonious and healthy development of the entire e-commerce industry chain.

Internet watchers Yu Bin said, "the Tencent with a huge user traffic in many areas and, in terms of electricity providers seeking professional collaboration platform, can quickly expand the category, is the Tencent business breakthrough way." Dangdang in 12 years of development has accumulated tens of millions of core consumer groups, for QQ online shopping is an effective supply.


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