Detailed exposure 26 labeled mall domain family family property

renamed Chinese ( in the April 23rd hearing, on the 5 of last month, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to "Internet plus" action plan, each industry to have "+ internet". But at the beginning of twenty-first Century, there is a "model of a Internet plus", "Internet plus mall". With the recent domain name Dmall company to enable the establishment of the domain name trade mall, let us think of the 26 letter form domain name. "Mall" is the meaning of the shopping mall, "the letter" domain name intuitive easy to remember, loved by the terminal and friends. Now, let’s take a look at the status of these 26 domain names!


figure: 26 letters domain name status

in these 26 domain names, there are no 13 domain names, the 4 jump to the mall site, the construction of the mall into the site, the 1 built into the APP site, the upcoming on-line on the 1, but what the site is unknown. There are 18 domain names are registered in the late twentieth Century, the 8 domain name was registered in early twenty-first Century.


figure: Angel mall

angel Angel mall built

domain name, "a" is "angel" in English "angel" the first letter, has now been used to build the official website of the mall, but the mall website has not yet formally launched. Currently looking for partners and investment. According to Angel mall website, the site will be formally launched in July this year. And its.Cn/ domain name is not yet.


figure: Bmall website home page

"B" and "e" in overseas station

domain name and are enabled to build English shopping website. The domain name is a luxury shopping mall, there are many types of goods, such as furniture, decorations, lamps, kitchen and bathroom supplies, office supplies, outdoor supplies, etc.. The domain name is built into a search shopping mall. In the home page of the search bar to select a good commodity category and name, click on the search can be found to buy goods.



: Meikailong official mall

"the mall" domain name built Meikailong official mall

Meikailong official mall in 2012 on the line, and enable the acquisition of domain name combination station. > and

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