Adsense network broadcast Sohu Youku and other anti piracy alliance established everyone lost wirele

1 Sohu Youku and other established anti piracy alliance sued Baidu claims

300 million

November 13th afternoon, China network video anti piracy alliance today issued a "joint China network video anti piracy declaration", said the joint fight against Baidu Nora serious online video piracy and hotlinking behavior. Alliance also announced that it has filed a lawsuit to the court, and claims 300 million yuan loss to Baidu.

has announced a joint operation by Party, sued Baidu, Nora piracy cases to the court filed a total of more than 100, involving Baidu hotlinking piracy mobile video copyright works more than million, Baidu claims resulting from the loss of 300 million yuan, while the joint of video piracy and hotlinking to counter, from now a total ban on Baidu video crawler access.

video, Youku potatoes group, Sohu, Tencent video LETV, China Film Copyright Association (MPA), the American Film Institute (MPAA), the content of Japanese products circulation overseas promotion agencies (CODA), Wanda films, light media, music studios, etc. to participate in the event.

2 Renren lost wireless Internet hopes to transform social communication

is in everyone in the teeth of the storm coming, a new round of strategic adjustment.

technology insider to the Tencent said, Chen Yizhou denied all reflection and wireless layout of the past two years, no longer blindly promote the development of new products and mobile games business expansion, and was again referred to the group’s core business level, new mobile positioning in the end of the SMS new products will be released.

in fact, the strategic adjustment has previously been a variety of relevant signs of outflow, including the management of turbulence and the recent layoffs of everyone’s game.

all the company nearly two years management members including CEO Chen Yizhou, COO Liu Jian, CFO Huang, Jiang Zhiqiang CMO, Huang Jing is responsible for, in addition, there are responsible for wireless Wu Jiang, responsible for rice Shen Boyang, responsible for the 56 Network Zhou Juan and everyone is responsible for what the game of sichuan.

3 Sina account was punished for 75267 alleged personal attacks

yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter from the Beijing Internet association was informed that sina micro-blog often publish content "invincible small goods 1989", "Wang Shuo wrote," "everyone micro attention" more than 10 accounts for publishing illegal information to be punished. Among them, the maximum number of personal attacks account, there are 75267, accounting for nearly 80% in one fell swoop; harassment of others account also has more than 10 thousand. In addition, involving posing, copying, disclosure of privacy and other violations of the account has 9246; the release of the least false information, there are 1030.

at the same time, Sina micro-blog also dealt with a number of false public information. In August this year, Ganzhou police issued a child lost case on its official micro-blog @ Ganzhou patrol

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