Guizhou shut down 12 violations WeChat public number Tencent property in the column

recently, the reporter learned from the Guizhou province network information office was informed that the "palm Jinzhou" 12 WeChat public number because of serious violations of "Internet news information service management regulations" and "instant communication tool of public information service development management Interim Provisions" and other laws and regulations, in violation of the Internet information service, was shut down in accordance with the law.

the "Bijie life" (bijie888), "Anshun news" (anshun365), "the real estate Tencent (gyhous)," GuiYang Railway Station "Guiyang micro community" (guiyang3478), "Guiyang micro public" (guiyangco), "Hello Guizhou" (ld-gznh) without authority approved the release, reproduced political news, and repeatedly spread in violation of "information content seven bottom line"; "palm Jinzhou" (zsjz0859) without certification, and repeatedly dissemination of pornographic and vulgar information; "we are Bijie" (bj520500), "Zunyi time" (vzy0852), "king of the world" (MTJTX9) "Nayong" (ny520525) the illegal publication of false information and rumors.

, network information office official said, WeChat public account must be in accordance with the law and regulations in the public information service, in accordance with the law in the future will increase the intensity of rectification, also welcome to the community, the majority of Internet users to report (Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center Tel: 0851-85505036).

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