Home Furnishing Home Furnishing products may not be suitable for online shopping has a long way to g

network era of promoting online business model has been more and more recognized by consumers, clothing, books, small appliances, electronic products and other industries service shop, both in the business model, profit model, customer service, or in consumer acceptance, have been very mature. The traditional stores as the main business in the form of Home Furnishing industry, many brands and products also coveted Internet sales, began to gradually carry out shop sales model. However, it is not mature shop chain separated consumer complaints and immature industry environmental disputes caused by low profitability, compared to the store, and the Home Furnishing industry widely questioned whether should carry on the sales network. To the traditional home building materials City, direct sales outlets as a way of selling home building materials industry, whether it should really follow the trend to enter the era of network sales


"hotlinking" online shopping environment disputes bring the industry questioned

at the end of 8, held by a Anna textile that would have attracted wide attention in the industry Home Furnishing. Shenzhen Anna textile sued "Carolina textile trademark infringement and unfair competition". According to Anna rich lawyer Zhao Lei introduced, 2009, Anna and other domestic textile enterprises found that type "fuanna" brand keywords in a search engine, search results will appear first on the brand’s false discount information page, enter the text and click on the link, there is the Carolina business LOVA shop. Anna rich after Shenzhen Textile Association coordination, this year will be Roley textile and provide technical support for the company "hotlink" and other three companies together to court, claims 500 thousand yuan, and asked Roley to make a public apology in the media of home textiles.


in the briefing, Shenzhen Textile Association officials have repeatedly expressed optimism, not questioned the health environment in the shop business in the textile industry, the textile industry and that the sales network in the future is bright. But the dispute still makes the current sales network environment Home Furnishing the immaturity of the industry has been questioned, but also makes the habit into the store to buy Home Furnishing products to consumers, began to doubt whether it is necessary to enter the online shopping industry Home Furnishing era.

online shopping may not be suitable for home products

although clothing, small household electrical appliances, books and other industries in the network sales market has been very mature, but still can not easily assert that the home industry can be successful in the same network sales. Compared to other industries the whole network sales chain has matured, Home Furnishing industry wants to really begin and improve its own sales network, still has a long way to go. For now, the disadvantage of the home industry in the network sales is far greater than its advantages. Menglan group deputy general manager Chen Jianhua said in an interview, the textile industry through online sales have great advantages, such as the size of the product is relatively simple, fixed, and textile products exhibition in the form of pictures through the shop, there will be more and more comprehensive exhibition space. But Chen Jianhua also believes that the display of goods in the picture will produce a color difference, consumption >

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