Case analysis of how to optimize the use of classified information website promotion

said the website optimization promotion is website structure optimization, site content optimization and construction of the external links optimization promotion, from the optimization of several projects for a web site is very important, but with the search engine algorithm evolving and upgrading, especially for the construction of optimal station and external links for content optimization more and more strict requirements for the user experience, the increasingly high demand, upgrade from several times this year’s performance evolution algorithm more humane, exchange about the present problems in the website optimization and many webmaster, many webmaster external links construction optimization < because the external links at a loss, construction now after the adjustment of the algorithm, unlike in the past as casually in each big forum signature to a large number of top posts etc. You can quickly improve site keywords ranking, now in the forum signature has no what role, but some forum also canceled the signature > do not know how to do the construction of the external links will be more effective, but also can avoid the search engine punishment, when many owners for the chain construction it is almost a point of despair, the author put forward the construction of the chain is not what we imagine there is no place to do, you can through the B2B platform, classified information network to do the construction of the chain, through this kind of platform not only can be used as the construction of the chain platform, it is possible to directly through the platform the promotion of enterprise products. But in order to achieve good results in this kind of platform, has certain skills, rather than blindly full release, optimize promotion following the author from the optimization of the coffee machine industry website to talk about how to use the classified information network for website.

1. How to select a high quality classification information network

for the classified information network as long as you have to search through the search engine < information network classification Daquan > many will find such a platform, but for the use of these platforms is not blind, but to elaborate on these platform selection, classification information platform for the selection of high quality, high quality may be said owners asked what is high quality? The author divided the following points about what is high quality: the weight of the 1 through the webmaster tools to check their web site, the weight is good. 2 check the flow of the site, as well as the site’s activity, the higher the site’s traffic, the higher the quality of activity, the higher the quality. 3 query site collection. In a word, it is better to consider these three conditions when evaluating a classified information network. After the end of the website evaluation, the selected platform and then test a week, take a look at the web site included the best, ranking the most easily in front, then choose it as the construction of the chain and product promotion platform.

two. Category information release and the websites associated with

The correlation between

website information release, Baidu Webmaster Platform have dealt with a clear attitude, here I will not say more, also has certain rules for the correlation information of the platform itself, when the information and column > you released

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