Baidu Post Bar bar blackmail suspected of abuse of power

          known as the largest interactive space domestic Baidu Post Bar, was recently reported to you by the hands of some Post Bar delete power collect protection money". Reporters after investigation found that this phenomenon really exist, and it Post Bar problems far more than that. The lack of strict management system of Baidu Post Bar, various undercurrent.

delete posts please pay 500 yuan

things from one called "chief Baidu host posts". The post claimed that a county a secretary found himself suddenly became "Reds" rumors, bribery and nurturing the kept woman let people around to see his eyes full of contempt, the investigation after the discovery, the original all the rumors from local on Baidu Post Bar. When he asked the Lord to delete posts, each other but ask the Secretary to pay one hundred thousand yuan, otherwise no chance. Finally, he can only settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

in Baidu Post Bar, paid delete posts has indeed become a lot to place in the name of the Lord Post Bar "a way of earning money". According to friends report, the reporter found the "Guang" built up "." Lord, in his QQ signature clearly written "delete not free, 100-500 yuan per post." When a reporter asked to post a medical dispute relates to delete "Guangping it", the other out of the price of 500 yuan, and the "firm" refused a reporter’s bargain".

stick to become a private advertising territory

main power is not limited to this. The freezing point of Qingdao Technological University forum moderator of the total Jiang Jinnan sophomore, in several applications of Qingdao Technological University. "It finally failed, anger". In his opinion, the Lord has put "Hong Yang Qingdao Technological University" into their own "private property", "often promote his own business and DV works, others posts and work has often been deleted.

According to the Baidu

Post Bar rules, in the absence of the Lord’s case, the main application by Baidu administrator to review, but the master, after the application bar is all users must all through the bar to pass application, which means "the first comer" has the absolute sway bar. Jiang Jinnan believes that Hong Yang fear others become advocate to affect his interests, so it has repeatedly rejected his application to the lack of experience.

real name system useless

reporter saw, in some places, to schools, units in the name of Post Bar, personal attacks by name everywhere, malicious words everywhere, and even a lot of so-called "privacy stickers"…… And certain management functions of the host but not action. "For this Post Bar strong interactive forum, our website has long been expressly provided for content audit obligations, and put forward the real name system requirements to the moderator, bar and chat room host, but the actual situation is almost non-existent." Shanghai Information Law Association lawyer Li Li told reporters.

can obviously, Baidu tube also

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