Calculate how much money your website can earn

now a lot of people are asking me, I can make a lot of money on their own site, and now you say, how much money the site and the following:

1 site type

what kind of website to do, such as novels, movies, movies, music sites, source stations, software stations, such as.

2 site traffic

this is the most important, general website, 1000 IP pop, good 6 yuan 1000IP popups. If you have 1W flow, then one day 60, if there is 10W traffic, the day is 600 yuan.

3 ad type

Such as:

Google Adsense, Ali Mama, Baidu theme, the first video. Text ads, image ads, FLASH video advertising. Personal feeling, if done well Google Adsense yes, of course you don’t want to make a lot of thousands of IP that is not possible, the best can do a few tens of W or above W flow then, you just make money.

4 ad location

good advertising seat can earn a lot of money, is several times, that you are 50 yuan a day, if I put the seat advertisement well, can earn 3 times more money is 150 yuan. The bigger the flow significantly. Advertising design seat to know the operation of the user, the user’s feeling, imagine yourself as users, if reading and operation.

final Description:

general, primary development, website or concise as well, general advertising is not easy too much, such as website development, plus some advertising anyway. Because of the flow of less, put more advertising, money can not earn much. And the impact of reading, affect the mood of the user, and other traffic, popularity, we are familiar with, you put advertising to make money, and no one will say what you. Finally, introduce my station, Knight station (, is the last year to spend time doing, is a regular station.

note: what is not normal or dump station can develop, but the normal station or the development of the one or two. This early earn less money, after a long time, many years down, the money can earn much more than that of brand-name. Of course, it is also more difficult to do regular station, difficult to operate, it depends on the method and patience…

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