Open air dance hall to gather popularity

now if you want to make a good business in the shop, first of all, you need to have a relatively high popularity, however, how to make the store’s popularity high, but it is plagued by a lot of shopkeepers a big problem. My shop is located in the center of the county since the county town streets, operating the largest letter business mansion, I store fewer and fewer customers, business, the store only enough income to maintain the expenses, not to earn money at all. Because I signed a lease agreement with the landlord for a period of five years, if it is now closed, then I will be even greater losses.

During the

World Cup, I see where the merchants exchange group in the group of friends share of retail experience is very good, driven in the group of friends and help, I try to extend the store Business Hours, and adjacent channel commercial hit a time difference. The commercial letter open every day time is 8:30 in the morning, the closing time is 6:30 in the afternoon, I put the shops opened ahead of time to 6:30 every morning, the closing time from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. delay. Sure enough, the store a number of customers like to entertain at night entertainment, sales of goods increased in the world cup during a small profit, and therefore I tasted the sweetness.

now, although the world cup is over, but the hot weather is still the same, my shop through the business should continue to fire down. My wife fell in love with the square dance, have to walk a mile to the distant Baidu residential square dancing on almost every night. I believe the shops and Commercial Plaza, less than 100 meters apart, and after the wife talk, I quickly opened the implementation of an open-air ballroom, I provide you free from lighting and audio equipment, and invited a retired Sports Bureau’s friend Liu as a coach to teach you today the most popular dance in Jiamusi.

loud rhythmic music, attracted many square dance enthusiasts, less than half the time, the dance team size has increased more than and 30 from the beginning of the ten people. Every night, we gather together in order to form a circle dance, happy. After the end of the gap or dance, there are a lot of people will come to my shop to buy some mineral water, beer, some parents bring their children to the dance are even more early to go to the store to buy drinks, food and toys for children and other small commodities.

my store of mineral water, beverage, beer, ice does not increase, it is welcomed by customers. There are a lot of elegant men in the dance team, I took the opportunity to recommend some of them low tar low hazard new cigarette. Because of the Jiamusi dance, we are very familiar with each other, kind, I recommend, most of them will be happy to accept. Before the opening of the open-air dance hall, gathered for my store popularity, the store’s sales thus set off a small climax, cigarette sales will also greatly enhance.

although it is not easy to make a store’s popularity higher

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