Provide 3 to 100 thousand yuan interest free loans for outstanding youth entrepreneurship project in

in order to encourage more young entrepreneurs, but also to let the local business enterprise to get better development, now all over the country for a variety of entrepreneurial support policies continue to support more youth, successfully embarked on the road of business. Sichuan nature is also the case, preferential lending policies, so that young entrepreneurs no longer worry about funding.

7 month 7 days, Sichuan province college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship policy seminar held at Tongji University in Shanghai, Sichuan Provincial Communist Youth League official said at the meeting, the wishes of Sichuan entrepreneurial projects included in the "Sichuan outstanding youth entrepreneurship promotion plan, provide 30 thousand to 100 thousand yuan interest free unsecured start-up fund loans, preferred in Sichuan province college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship Park, focusing on recommended participating province by letter, science and technology, human society and other support incentive funds.

2016 "a youth national college entrepreneurship competition will be held in November in the province, said the person in charge of Department of human resources and social security, excellent project planning in" creative youth "contest winners and landing in Sichuan to provide financial support to 200 thousand 50 thousand.

in order to allow such preferential entrepreneurship policy really implemented, so that more young entrepreneurs can really benefit. Promote the meeting, in addition to the Communist Youth League Committee and the Provincial Department of human resources and social security related person in charge of Sichuan innovation overall policy environment for the promotion, Chengdu, Mianyang, Deyang, Leshan municipal departments responsible person and outstanding students who were responsible for the innovation and entrepreneurship Park around the parks, the specific policy environment for innovation and entrepreneurship promotion.

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