Uniquc jiamengfei Hamburg is introduced as follows

uniquc Hamburg is really a brand investment projects, many shop advantage aside, just tell the brand to bring a variety of ways to join for investors, is a worthy of your investment project in hamburg. Uniquc hamburger hamburgers, fried chicken, ice cream and other snack products are delicious and affordable for consumers, and much quicker, that is to buy to eat, love by the fast-paced life of young people. The diversification of product choices also attracted more repeat customers. Choose uniquc Hamburg to join, their boss, is a good business choice, but a choice of business with a small capital. Then uniquc Hamburg joined much


uniquc Hamburg joined need how many money?

uniquc Hamburg was founded in 2002, after 3 years of accumulated experience and in 2005 officially entered the western fast food chain management field. Uniquc Hamburg is the first step in Zhengzhou Xinlei Catering Management Limited in the food service industry, the spirit of "integrity, creating brand" of the enterprise purpose, to build the whole China uniquc Hamburg’s most popular Western fast-food brands for the mission. All the spirit innovation, strive to get love and affirmation, consumers and franchisees. After years of accumulation and successful operation and management, taste and service by the majority of customers of all ages.

uniquc Hamburg to join the cost are as follows:

1. concept store:

business area of 30 square meters (including 30 square meters), the initial fee 13800, send control double cylinder fryer 1, temperature 1, raking stove oven, a three one sand ice machine 1, sealing machine 1, ice machine 1 sets, 1 sets of electronic scales 3, food clip 3 sets of clothes, cap and 3 salad bottles of 4, 5, 2 tray scraper, Straw box 1, box 4, a tea mixer 2, oil 1, net net 1, washing powder powder bucket 1, apron 2, poster the 5 and 1 parts, decoration drawings and other business gifts;

2. standard store:

operating in the area of 31-60 square meters, the initial fee 19800 yuan, send 1 Taiwan, oven temperature control thermos showcase 1, 1 sets of double cylinder blast furnace temperature control and temperature control raking stove 1, a microwave oven, three in one sand ice machine 1, sealing machine 1, ice machine 1, electronic scale 1, food 5, work clothes clip 5, cap and 5 salad bottles of 6, 10, 2 tray scraper, Straw box 2, box 4, a tea mixer 2, oil 1, net net 1, washing powder powder barrels 1 the apron 3, 10 posters, decoration drawings and other business gifts;

3. image store:

operating area in 61-120>

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