These three types of entrepreneurship is not easy to succeed

a lot of people to go into business, some successful, some failed, there are a lot of people who want to start a business, entrepreneurship is not a very simple thing, he has a great risk, so what business is almost impossible to succeed?

The following

1 because to do well at work, or think the work is not what meaning to venture. This kind of people can’t even do their own jobs, let alone start a business. Bie Te Bill Gates, Bill, you’re not the lid.

2 because there is no living expenses or not enough money and want to start. Venture means risk and investment, if you can not afford to eat even rice, or should first solve the problem of eating. I often hear people ask me how to start a business of 500, then I say you still find a job in order to avoid eating, no place to live. Not start empty-handed people, but this is not the mentality. If you could go penniless but dare, of course it is another matter. But the success rate is very low.

3 to rich overnight explosion. The sky will not fall pie, do not want to have a harvest is basically difficult. Have you heard of what person is this? Even in the award will not buy a note on the


three years of preparatory work and then start

only with the goal, strategy to prepare, if difficult to easily. For entrepreneurship, waiting is not necessarily a bad thing. Have experience, a little bit of savings, to grasp the traditional code of conduct almost, then start not later. But I said for three years in real learning and work, if waiting waiting, the actor can suggest that you never venture.

if you are above three in the class, Xiaobian advise you here. Don’t start a business!

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