Micro blog sells native egg thousand worth pondering

now society, entrepreneurship shop is a lot of people’s choice, especially some young people are interested in entrepreneurial wealth, at the same time in life, there are a lot of young people get rich entrepreneurial success stories, we all come to see.

"fresh soil egg within 48 hours of delivery, the face of acceptance satisfied with the re payment." Yesterday afternoon, in Wuhan Optics Valley Vanke City Flower community, "egg brother" in driving a white car from door to door delivery. Although it is late autumn season, he was busy on his forehead of sweat.

"egg brother" named Li Xuan, 23 years old this year, Wuhan, in June this year from Huazhong Agricultural University animal science and Medicine Bachelor degree after graduation, he gave up in pig feed sales, a monthly salary of 6000 yuan, in the network and micro-blog began selling the soil egg.

in July this year, Li Xuan took the first 2000 yuan pig feed sales when saved, came to Wuhan and the surrounding rural sourcing. After comparing the feeding process and supply capacity conditions, the final choice of Xiaogan rural areas an area of thousands of acres of egg chicken breeding base as a soil source. At the end of July, Li Xuan took 10 boxes of 3600 egg returned to Wuhan from Xiaogan, registered the "Li egg shop" micro-blog account, and advertising in Wuhan each big forum. Although 50 eggs to sell the price of $70 is not cheap, but he did not expect is that the more than 3 thousand eggs, less than 3 days to be ordered by the public.

"although more money, but people are really tired." Li Xuan admitted that parents are not ready to start when the business, the business is booming after their attitude has changed. I start at seven every morning, at about nine in the evening to get home. Li Xuan said that entrepreneurship is the most happy is not how much money, but the card recommended

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