Electric car operators the first thing is not to do business after the first year

look, the short spring festival is over, to go to work, do business also opened the door to do business. Many go out to set up the car dealers should return to the store to do business, in fact, Xiao Bian told you that after the first thing is not to do business, but the following two things!

first thing: store ventilation

before the Spring Festival, Xiao Bian had said two points: maintenance shop to ventilation and check whether the damaged battery". So Xiaobian continue to suggest: after the first thing is not to do business, but store ventilation!

Whether it is

or repair shop store of electric vehicles, electric vehicles, placed inside the tire, lubricating oil, battery and so on, these things will emit toxic gases, especially waste batteries, spilling acid volatile containing lead, pollution of the environment. Usually we are open shop door, these toxic gases at any time to send out, little impact on the human body. And after a week or so of the shop closed, these toxic gases may be residual, so please open the windows, doors, and even can be used to blow out the electric fan.

second things: check the inventory of battery

years ago due to battery prices, prices after the storm, many dealers, stores warehouse to store a lot of batteries, some battery factory has been a month after the factory in the warehouse agent placed for a period of time, and then in their own warehouse stocked for a period of time, some batteries quickly over the warranty period. Even a serious loss of electricity.

so small advice, close to the battery warranty check, assortment, not expired batteries as soon as possible, has expired, to charge and contact handling agents. To break some of the old battery scrap, as long as someone to sell on the recycling. Do not do business for a day, it is not worthwhile to lose a battery.


said the shop needs to grab the time, however, if such a thing does not deal with the two, may have a very negative impact on the store’s late management. When processing the above things, to open the door down, seize the sales peak after the Spring Festival, decorating the store atmosphere, all kinds of promotional activities, to achieve the 2017 opener!

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