Chongqing goose economy has been effective

home business call is not only this year began, Chongqing has several years ago from the development of "goose economy", called on the majority of migrant workers return home, the home building and personal development together.

accompanied by employment, entrepreneurial environment continues to improve, "Chongqing goose economy" increasingly. Data released by the Chongqing municipal labor office, nearly 7 next year, the total number of migrant workers returning home to start a business in Chongqing, a total of 484 thousand people, founded the economic entity of 370 thousand. Home business enterprise employment as a "reservoir", the cumulative employment of about 1700000 people.

for the cultivation of "goose economy", Kaixian is also planning the construction of migrant workers returning home business park, to provide business registration, financial services, and the formation of entrepreneurial SME Service Center, 5 years a total of 17 thousand wage earners hatch into a small boss.

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