Beijing Zhongguancun will build business Bay Area to encourage management

is now the country are actively encourages entrepreneurial activities in Beijing, Zhongguancun to encourage entrepreneurship, Qidong a lot of entrepreneurial measures to attract people to come to business, let’s look at the specific measures.

Beijing core area of Zhongguancun and Beijing Collaborative Innovation Institute said on 10, following the Zhongguancun Venture Street, Haidian District will build the core area of Zhongguancun covers an area of about six hundred acres, with scientific research and technological innovation based "hard pioneering" gathering area, market-oriented means to support innovation and entrepreneurship. Block the first phase of 4 square meters of space will be enabled in October.

"in the future space will draw on technology innovation team, R & D, they settled in laboratory, entrepreneurship test process will be completed, and interact with the surrounding sound industry." Wang Chengke, vice president of Beijing Synergy Innovation Park co..

"the Bay Area Planning and business street, all is for the sake of the business incubator. In the Venture Street, a variety of innovative patterns around the Internet in an endless stream, biased ‘soft start’. Here in the bay area, will focus on technical accumulation, precision technology research and development, and encourage entrepreneurship on technological innovation." Beijing Institute of collaborative innovation, said Wang Jixiang, hard technology entrepreneurship will allow the region to become the country’s first similar space.

block is completed, will be the market mechanism innovation as a means to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. In the first batch of Beijing Institute of collaborative innovation, for example, the Research Institute will attract entrepreneurial team to participate in scientific research to participate in the bidding team, the team selected by the proportion of venture capital, to promote the transformation of the results of landing. This approach has successfully promoted the transformation of five projects.

In fact, Beijing Zhongguancun


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