14 year old entrepreneurs start 90 amazing results

for all of us, at the age of 14 is for senior high school entrance examination day, schools and parents will urge children to join the school, but the young man did not take the unusual way, in the days of the senior high school entrance examination soon chose their own businesses, embarked on the road of life business.

14, the children of the same age for senior high school entrance examination, he has been in the spare time to set up a stall selling lanterns "get" my first pot of gold; 19 years old, the age of the child to the University accompanied by their parents to report, he is holding the Hubei University admission notice, with 8 stores, 3 shop, company sales up to 15 million yuan. Parents in the connivance and support of 90, he, in a short span of 4 years, a taste of the hardships, but also enjoy the academic and career in the sweet.

the third grade, Luo Jingyu saw a friend wearing a beautiful black vest, a bit like a rock band in that, he envied very much, if you have a piece of the handsome. The dinner, Luo Jingyu did not directly to the mother, but to wear vest style friends carefully described again, to see his son a face of excitement, my father knew.

"son, if the clothes wear on you certainly." Dad said to Luo Jingyu heart, Luo Jingyu nodded, Dad smiled and said: "love is to buy ah, but you have to earn money to buy." Dad’s first sentence to make Luo Jingyu happy laugh, but after a direct throw him into the abyss, he was 10 years old, how to make money?

see son a face not happy like, Dad smiled and said: "I want things is a good thing, reliable parents give you is not what a man is, after what you want to rely on themselves to strive for." Dad told him, can they help with the housework at home, then they are "workers". So, Luo Jingyu took 8 bowls, swept two times to earn money to buy a vest at home. That night, looking at the bed new vest, Luo Jingyu felt and enjoy the happiness, money, a kind of unspeakable pride in my heart spread……

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