Campus entrepreneurship ideas and case recommendations

is now in the whole campus, should not the most is the lack of college student entrepreneurs, at the same time, now in some countries, the government policy is also very supportive of a majority of the students to start, let’s look at the next, so several classic business case.


dress rental project

target customers

[] case retrieval: Xiamen University of Technology student Lv Weizong, 3 people in 2010 to collect twenty thousand yuan Er Zhuo established clothing studio, do students workplace image packaging business. More than a year to recover the cost, and net profit of 30 thousand yuan.

[key issues]: the biggest difficult start-up stage is facing can not find high quality and inexpensive supply channels. Therefore, the 3 shareholders with the summer and winter holidays, from Xiamen to Quanzhou, from Jinjiang to Guangzhou, a total of from a dozen times, and has 4 companies to establish a cooperative relationship, only guaranteed supply. They can only rent out one or two sets per day, get rid of the rent utilities, is guaranteed operation.

[experts]: where there is demand, where there is opportunity. In the employment context, "the formal lease service to look at the rush job, hope to leave a good impression to the employer groups of graduates, project positioning accuracy. Integration of all aspects of social factors, the problem of college students employment will inevitably continue for quite a long time, similar projects promising. Whether it is the dress rental, or other help college students entrepreneurial projects, must be combined with their own advantages, such as the project of the two shareholders is fashion design, can play the founder advantage, this point is very important for success.

[two]: project

ring Memorial alma mater[Objective]

[]: * * * start cost

[] case retrieval: Xiamen University student Geng Weihu and his team together to build Xiamen University Ji Jian

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