The upsurge of e commerce boom in rural areas has attracted three models

village in England and our definition of the village has a great gap, and now the level of development in rural areas has not mentioned in the same breath, now has been the rise of e-commerce in rural areas, and there are three kinds of operation mode of their own.

is in such a remote county, it is hard to imagine Sun Hongjun, the county Party Secretary and mayor Yang Xiaofeng wrote a letter to the national consumers, letters called "an open letter to Taobao users, Taobao Juhuasuan and hang on the home page, the contents of the letter is long, I have three points the main content to do that.

Second, the formation of the Tongyu agricultural e-commerce development center ", and" three thousand Wo "commissioned by the Tmall flagship store as the designated shop, the" standardization of selling operation unified brand, unified packaging, unified standards and quality ".

Third, Tongyu county government in the next year, with "three thousand Wo" in accordance with the pre-sale mode of the planning and construction of 2 million acres of direct electricity supplier base, to make Tongyu become the country’s consumer black land.

Three models of

Suichang is located in Zhejiang City, Lishui:

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