Cosmetics store operators can not follow the feeling is very important to master the skills

cosmetics industry is now very fire, we all want to open a cosmetics shop. Open cosmetics shop, not only to operate by feeling, it is necessary to master some skills. Cosmetics store location with the cost of upgrading and not easy to find, the staff also put low quality and so on, has become difficult open problem, so how to solve these problems, the success of the cosmetic shop?

Each section of the

(1): who pays you money — customers. Before you set up shop, you must make sure that the income of the group around you is clear. It is easy to understand, you have to figure out what to buy your product, in a low income Industrial Zone, if the introduction of high-end brands, it was conquered, sell are sold. In the business district, if the store is full of three or four line brand, the guests will not enter the store,,, and so on.

(2): give your customers what benefits, value. We need to know why customers buy cosmetics? That is because the guests need to improve some of their skin problems (dry skin, yellow, spots, black, wrinkles, acne, scars, etc.). To help the guests in our beautician product selection must grasp two directions:

(3): how to let the customer pay for marketing. Now let the guests in the shop to buy a product is very difficult, sometimes see the clerk slobber did say, said a few hours, the guests to buy good, do not buy the dead. Here the main reason is that trust, sometimes we often think about how to reduce the purchase difficulty and enhance the guest’s trust, uniform methods are commonly used to improve store decoration, product display, advertising display, shop. In fact, these are very important, but I personally think that the clerk’s sense of intimacy and expertise to give guests a sense of security.

to remind everyone in this small series, a cosmetics shop must not follow the feelings, not say how you want to do business. Before you open the cosmetics shop, you have to understand these problems. The above is to open a cosmetics store tips and methods, for your reference, I hope useful for all of us.


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