Dry cleaning franchise model reference

dry cleaning industry development prospects are very good, a lot of new investors want to invest. In fact, the investment in the industry, you can choose the direction of development is not only one. There are a variety of models to choose from, hoping to help a lot of investors to find a suitable development model. Xiaobian finishing three points to help you.

– Laundry mode

laundry mode is also a conservative front shop after the factory model, or is called the complete dry cleaning franchise model. Mainly engaged in clothing dyeing service life. Generally equipped with dry cleaning machines and related cleaning tools, to stains, plastic, clothing storage and other necessary equipment, mostly open operating area, there are more than 2 employees, annual turnover of more than 100 thousand yuan. Most of this kind of dry cleaners built in the community, independent, the biggest feature is to give customers a convenient, intuitive feeling, management is relatively simple, relatively fixed customer groups. But the technical research ability is weak, strong dependence on the technical backbone, therefore, this model is more suitable for dry cleaning franchise chain to standardized management and relatively stable technical support to ensure the quality of washing.

– laundrettes

laundromat is a new dry cleaning franchise model, this model is more common in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, the development of the country is very slow. This kind of laundry is mainly for the service to the residents, such as some single people and those who do not have the family washing machine. The dry cleaning dry cleaning equipment main store is a small capacity washing machine and drying machine. The laundry, see foreign are open 24 hours, unattended, like telephone booth, you can use a coin. This model was introduced into China more than and 10 years ago, but has not been able to develop well, the main reason is that the national conditions and people’s consumption concept.

– central factory

is also the laundry + receiving point model. Investors in the general election of the relatively low price, the layout of local traffic convenient construction, according to the processing capacity of the factory, the factory as the center in a certain region of radiation or even several dozens of laundry, equipped with specialized transport, send and receive regular clothes. General factory needs more than 10 employees, 1-3 points to receive clothes, annual turnover of more than $600 thousand. This plant, relatively speaking, complete equipment, technical support in a timely manner, strong quality control of washing, but you need to have a professional venture dry cleaning franchise management team, a one-time investment of funds.

dry cleaning industry to join a lot of investment patterns, you can choose more than one. You can choose the right path of development according to the local market and the strength of their own investment. The above three models can be considered, suitable for the development of business models, high success rate, worthy of attention. Come and have a look.

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