Quanzhou correctly guide rural women to start a business


improve employment ability of rural women, the construction of supporting women’s demonstration base, to promote the construction of cooperative organizations, women in recent years, Quanzhou city women’s federations at all levels around the development of modern agriculture and new rural construction, and constantly enrich   "Shuangxue Shuangbi" connotation, guide the rural women’s employment and entrepreneurship, to get rich.

in the guidance of women’s employment and entrepreneurship in the process of women’s demonstration base and the effectiveness of women’s cooperation is particularly brisk. At present, the city’s women’s federations at all levels through direct create and lead, and other forms of building all kinds of women’s liaison office, 354 demonstration bases (including provincial women’s demonstration base 35, the National Women’s modern agricultural science and technology demonstration base 2). In Dehua, 93 provincial and Municipal Women’s demonstration base through the development of the "three black and three white, red yellow" forest economy, flower seedlings and other characteristics of the economy, is to attract employees more than 1.3 people, the income of 100 million yuan in 3.6. In Quangang, the provincial key base of the town before the village of seaweed breeding processing base driven by local employment of more than 490 people (female workers accounted for 88%), breeding laver area of 2000 acres, the product of 800 tons, the output value of nearly $4 million.

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