Do the rural electricity supplier to down to earth grassroots farmers extraordinary entrepreneurial

Chinese recently the development of urbanization is very significant, there are a lot of big city workers migrant workers because now the country for rural entrepreneurship policy to relax, have also returned to his hometown to start an extraordinary entrepreneurial path.

"a village households are the basic family or a surname, you promote it is recommended to consume more relatives, even if the electricity supplier settled in rural areas, it is difficult to change their thinking and shopping habits." Fan said he done investigation found in hundreds of villages, rural consumers have their own channels to obtain information and promotion, still using loudspeakers to spread the news, used to go to the nearest village canteen shopping, no concept of the brand, purchase of goods with low prices as the preferred.

Why do the rural electricity supplier

founded the peddler mall idea, due to fan a ridiculous and helpless rural shopping experience. Two years ago, back home to visit relatives in Zhoukou, fan walked into the village canteen, a variety of goods is fairly rich, but the copycat products really surprised him: even before the stately copycat products sold here! "The rural consumption environment on me, the villagers spent the money can not buy reliable quality of goods." Fan said. After asking him to understand that the shop owner is also very helpless, genuine licensed, through layers of middlemen price, purchase price is high, people are too expensive, not sell, so they had to enter some cheap copycat goods.

"network coverage is a basic condition to drive the development of rural electricity supplier." Fan said that this is also the reason for the selection of the rural market last year. Last year, the total number of Internet users in rural areas accounted for 30% of the recommended to the user

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