Do not say these words when the novice wholesale purchase

for the novice, the shop is not easy to do business, because everything is very fresh, including store location, new products, decoration, etc.. In this article, Xiao Bian will bring some new items for you to purchase attention, if you are a novice, is planning to go to the wholesale market, then take a look at the following.

does it cost?

to Guangzhou, Humen, Hangzhou such a wholesale market of goods or playing field to do wholesale, or turnover of over the big stores, chain stores, 13 lines of white boss respect you in business for a dollar a piece of money with her bargain, but the cost of shipping is fix. Downstairs a lot to all parts of the country’s logistics, the general price of tens of dollars, most good stalls boss help you call a porter to carry the goods, you have to ask the package freight, also let people see that you do not understand the market. This shop should be made clear before the purchase, you can consult online forums whether the purchase of peers, so that they disclose the problem you want to consult.

can not afford to sell it?"

a wholesale market with quality problems you have to see the boss face to change, have the same paragraph tune with the money, otherwise the stock adjustment can not directly tell. So try to get a good relationship with wholesalers, goods sellers, people transfer goods is not to scold you. What season of the pressure for thousands of dollars of goods? Sorry that the goods are wholesalers to 100 thousand dollars, he also do it with you. Many shopkeepers love East Manasseh take, this is where the individual family, will get good treatment, fixed several similar style wholesalers, cooked what to say.

"a few fold take goods?"

congratulations you won the lottery, but also contribute to the profit for wholesalers. What is the discount? Join the 3-4.5, generally have four fold, in addition to the white building several is at a discount, most of the other is the package price, the price and the price tag is not comparable, some even less than 90 percent off. Perhaps you can use this in other areas, can get a lot of money, but do not use such words in the white horse 13 lines of purchase oh.

"what brand?"

tube he what brand it, good to say. Generally a factory has one hundred or two hundred registered brands do not register, clothing is the most lacking is the brand, it is estimated that each year will add five thousand or six thousand brands. Do not expect the brand will bring you sales, because the brand can bring sales costs are more than 100 thousand. Instead, the wholesaler said the brand how to do when you want to refute: our shopping center brand in addition to LV I do not know.

can send give money after the replenishment.

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