The secret of pyramid schemes Lu’an SkyTeam annual yield up to 540%

"the sky does not come out of the pie", some uninformed investors when making investment, a low rate of return value only while ignoring the authenticity, resulting in their money did not earn a lot of money has been a roll and empty.

recently, users have to finance the 360 broke the news that "Anhui Lu’an SkyTeam Co., the two day of the accident, is to invest 4000 yuan for two months can get 7600 yuan, but this two days do not send money, the company has also been seized, do not know how it is".

to tell you the truth, Xiaobian see this bid, heart thumped: 4000 yuan investment in two months back to 7600 yuan, down two month interest rates as high as 90%, the annual interest rate of up to 540%!


investment P2P average yield less than 12%, the provisions of the state more than 36% of the borrowing rate is usury, Lu’an SkyTeam company actually gives the annual yield of 540%! You know, in the global economic downturn, if there is such a good investment projects, those rich people have to do it, we will not ordinary people (603883, stock it) financing! Indeed, a bid subsequently provided that SkyTeam is out and out MLM scam.

simply, SkyTeam to pay 4000 yuan can claim membership, membership investment or pull their investment 4000 yuan each, you can get 3600 yuan bonus for 9 weeks. That is invested 40 thousand yuan, the first week and the proceeds of the second week is $4750. From third weeks to ninth weeks, earnings were $9800. And so on, 9 weeks of income is 38 thousand and 100 yuan, a total of 78 thousand and 100 yuan interest. Pull the number of investment, the amount of investment, the more points, the greater the dividend income. Therefore, many investors do not know the truth of being high interest temptation, have "no" investment.

, according to media reports, in April 20th, there are hundreds of thousands of investors gathered in the SkyTeam alliance company is located in Hefei Morgan Stanley Plaza in Luzhou because the maturity can not be cashed. Parents for the son to buy a wedding room, house mortgage loan of 200 thousand of them, there are hundreds of thousands of investment aunt did not dare to go home after the quilt, and the amount of investment of up to about 1000000 individual owners……

you are greedy interest, others want is your principal! In fact, all the basic understanding of MLM knowledge, such as the two main characteristics of the typical MLM (or pay to pay the entry fee in disguise; directly or indirectly to pull people to join, and have more direct or indirect benefit is larger), it is not difficult to find, SkyTeam is called the "raise the red" is the pyramid scam.

and, in addition to up to 1 recommended bank benchmark interest rate

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