6 reasons for failure to find out why you lost your secret venture

business will inevitably encounter ups and downs, when we fail, we can not feel that their bad luck, to find out why. Why do some people succeed in business, and others fail? A successful person has a pass for a successful person, a failure as a cause of failure. Here are the 6 reasons for revealing the failure of entrepreneurship.

1, short of capital.

entrepreneurs underestimate the financial need of the financial budget, the lack, at the same time in operation or production is also unable to make effective use of funds, it is difficult to create earnings.

Many people in the  

2, lack of market information.

3, too many defective products or defective rate is too high.

due to poor product too much, or bad rate is too high, the cost and the loss is too large, plus   venture   at the beginning of the product is also a lack of visibility, resulting in unmarketable products, resulting in a large number of inventory accumulation.

4, improper management.

5, at the wrong time entrepreneurship.

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