American Hotel and Accommodation Association: Hotels are increasingly focusing on millennials

first_imgThis year, the American Association of Hotels and Accommodations (AHLA) published the results of a comprehensive survey of accommodation, that is, detailed assessments of advances in serviceability, sustainability and technology, services available to guests, and industry trends. This research indicates the ways in which hotels thrive, host and innovate the visitor experience. This survey is conducted every two years, and this year convenience and social experiences are the leading trends affecting both hotel design and guest service improvement, demonstrating the industry’s commitment to increasing the overall visitor experience. Hospitality for millennials Using mobile services remains a priority. More and more guests are using apps to access hotel services. The use of mobile phones instead of room keys has almost doubled, and cell phone check-in remains the primary trend in more than 80 percent of accommodation facilities. Technology implementation In an effort to meet the needs of influential millennial travelers, hotels continue to innovate, focusing on togetherness and convenience. Supporting communities among travelers is becoming increasingly important and hotels are recognizing the desire to create functional common spaces. Although the sample should not be considered representative of entire industry segments, more than 10 percent of respondents reported the implementation of common spaces. Support for sustainable initiatives remains important for the accommodation industry. Since 2018, 25 percent of domestic holdings have received the so-called “Green Certificate”, the gold standard of sustainability. Bed linen and towel reuse programs are available in almost all accommodation facilities, and most hotels have implemented a water-saving program. “The hotel and accommodation industry is paving the way for innovationSaid Chip Rogers, President and CEO of AHLA. “We continue to focus on meeting the dynamic and diverse desires of consumers, and in particular on the service and experience of guests, as well as on the development and improvement of accommodation and workforce.”, He concluded. Passengers who want to eat properly are increasingly offered a vegetarian and / or healthier diet. Also, the number of hotels that offer fast, but healthy, food is on the rise. Ecology Source / photo: American Hotel and Accommodation Association; Pexelslast_img

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