Nanjing emergency room war began Yaohao developers disowned

after a few days we have been reported in Nanjing, as well as the introduction of the purchase of real estate policy, although the larger but still failed to curb the enthusiasm of investment buyers purchase. Yesterday evening, Nanjing Jiangbei Real Estate Binjiang agile international trading launched 190 suites. A total of 190 Suites a total of 477 groups of people to grab the house, with an average of 2.5 people grab a suite of 1. The reporters found that the purchase order is blocked part of the purchasing power, objectively reduces the current property market demand, but most of the people purchase the effect of doubts about whether the market has substantial cooling, remains to be seen.

"No one"

developers Yaohao

9 month 26 days, Binjiang agile international received the two buildings of the pin Xu, developers will start from the night, there are dozens of good people buy a house purchase was suddenly stopped, but there are still 477 groups is not restricted by the individuals who participate in. Yesterday afternoon, the developer commissioned the Nanjing notary office network yaohao.

is worth mentioning is that a "Nanjing City Real Estate Bureau issued the September 26th night Ning thirteen interpretation opinions made it clear that: the contradiction between supply and demand particularly prominent projects, to take public Yaohao, fairness, foreign sales, prohibition of the housing speculation.

the wave number, it seems to be in response to the requirements of the real estate sector, the developer announced Yaohao software source code. Developers said that this approach is sufficient to prove that the software did not cheat yaohao. Due to the presence of cheating on some real estate Yaohao software, lead to many individuals who have not believed the computer Yaohao, the agile Binjiang international in the purchase of the new deal after the first opening, is also the first to use this method from the certificate of innocence. "We are absolutely the real random Yaohao decision order, there is no cheating."

average price of nearly 30 thousand, opening no discount

the opening of the 2 buildings plus a total of 190 sets of refined decoration room, an area of 133 square meters and an area of 178 square meters. Average price of 29 thousand and 800 yuan / square meter, no discount. Last night officially opened at 9 o’clock, the reporter saw almost all the chairs in the hall full, nearly a thousand people attended.

Notary Office of the notary Yaohao election room order, was placed in a conspicuous place.

, a mother with a pupil’s son, said she had given birth to two children, hoping to buy a spacious house. She said that she and his wife traveled to Nanjing large-sized apartment projects, but can not buy, look on but not buy, one family has been anxious for half a year. She felt Jiangbei less than 30 thousand yuan price is more reasonable". For the purchase, she felt that prices could lead to slow growth, but prices can not drop".

surnamed Chen said the old man, his bad luck, just shake to recommend

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