How to set up their own clothing store in rural areas

now with the continuous social prosperity, many people are able to find now in the rural market has been booming, many people find so is created in the countryside a storefront market, see in the rural areas is how to set up a clothing store.

1. low priced style moderate

farmers in consumption, the price is very important. Clothing prices in rural areas must be lower than the average price of clothing in the same market. Style must not be too old, but in the countryside can not be too advanced, here is related to the purchase of clothing. Among them, the choice of inventory clothing business is a lot of people, inventory is mainly the price advantage. The city every day do not know how many clothing businesses diverted because of losses or the lease contract expires, plus seasonal reasons, almost everywhere can see "Xueben sale", "jumping clearance, clearance processing" sign. If the sale of these processing or discounted clothing to the rural market will be more farmers love.

In addition to the countryside to do

2. clothing types do not have a unified

product range of choice, do not need to focus on a class of products. A town as a whole will not be too large, so people are not entirely concentrated in the elderly, young people will be more concentrated. Therefore, the type of clothing is not limited to women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing and other categories, many rural clothing operators are all kinds of styles to buy. If there is a school in the town and so on, the student market spending power is very large, can be more into some student clothing. Clothing store owner, to do a comprehensive analysis of the market in the purchase, so the first futures on the backlog is not easy.

the rural market as the market is affiliated with the city market, after the city popular clothing, to the countryside is obsolete. Although China’s rural residents per capita clothing purchases compared to the city is still relatively low, but in the next few years the potential of the rural garment market. As soon as possible to enter the rural market, the sooner the opportunity.

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