Fast food store location errors which

fast food franchise stores, business is very focused on site. Now a variety of business guidance program, but also very easy to get into the franchisee confused, in the end which is correct? Many franchisees are easy to walk into the misunderstanding, which specific errors, and quickly to understand, I hope you can avoid detours.

error 1: the main store or business district is not mature, the source is too small even if everyone can not meet the satisfaction of the sales. At present, Beijing commercial competition, the new shopping center business is generally not too good, traffic is very small, generally need to raise some time to achieve good traffic and business level. New shopping malls opened in the mature values of the relatively short time, some of the new shopping malls as the main store opened in the new business district, the passenger training time will be longer, the risk is considerable.

error 2: customer types inconsistent although it looks big because of age, occupation flow, and the consumption level and the consumption preference and target customer characteristics do not match, the majority of people are not likely to lead to lack of effective source meal often. The characteristics of customers in the restaurant business for the greatest impact is the level of consumption, if in the low income crowd next to the small commodity wholesale market to open a high priced fast-food restaurant, although the large flow of people outside the restaurant, but because the consumption ability is not enough and rarely came to dinner, the restaurant business is certainly not good.

error 3: the location is not good customer to inconvenience or because competitors intercept resulting in insufficient source although outside traffic is large, but the actual contribution to the restaurant is small, many fast-food mistakes are of this type. For example, anzhen Hualian three layer Xuan born Japanese cuisine hidden in the depths of the mall, the customer is difficult to see and find.

fast food franchise, need to do a good job site. How to choose? You can refer to a lot of tutorials, sometimes, it is easy to cause some trouble. The above is from the actual situation, to investigate people easy mistakes, I hope to give newcomers some sincere suggestions, hurry to experience it!

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