Store merchandise display needs to be updated

store merchandise display if it has been the same, which will not have a sense of freshness for customers, it is difficult to attract customers naturally. As a result of the housing structure reasons, my shop door is the shelf. Of course, not the general cigarette counter, but other goods shelves.

As soon as

enters the shop door, the long shelf is enough to attract the attention of customers. As a result, the shelves of goods to display the beauty of science or not, to a large extent affect the store and the customer’s first impression. The shelves of course became my focus, the focus of the object. For other shelves, I adhere to the "general category unchanged, often become" principle; the shelf is different, my principle is "to change the strain, often changing, dress shop, to attract customers".

should sometimes move. Summer, half a row of shelves with water, high and low all. A door, like entering a world of water, fresh and cool feel pumianerlai. Autumn and winter are all dry season, packaged many varieties on display all kinds of dried fruits, I prefer the new products, often placing goods more than other quantities, customers will be attracted to the door.

should move. During the Mid Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival is a traditional festival, in addition to the traditional ribbon, lanterns decorate the store, in order to meet customer demand zouqingfangyou, the shelf is filled with holiday goods required. Customers will be attracted to a door, a superb collection of beautiful things of all types of gifts, standing there will buy half a day.

needs to move. At the end of each quarter or the introduction of new products, I will come up with a few commodities engage in special offers, shelves are full of special merchandise. Of course, the amount is three times the usual display of goods so that not only neat appearance, will give customers more hint: commodity is enough, not the items, buy as early as possible.

adjust the change, so that customers can have a feeling so you can find everything fresh and new, always to the shop with a novelty, will be a great advantage for the development of business shop. So, if you run a shop, you want a good business, commodity display also need to constantly update oh.

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