Good communication in business

although some customers want to buy a product, but not good at expression, while some customers just stroll around it, such a phenomenon in any shop almost will appear, how to solve, this depends on the owners "skill". Every time I go to a local shopping mall, always to the tobacco counter.

in a short period of time to get along, I found that the shopping mall salesman Zhang Fenghui in different ways to persuade customers to reach a deal, the goods will be sold smoothly, and basically no loss of customers. This gives me the impulse to learn. Later, after a friend, I know Zhang Feng, leaving their respective QQ number, and then began to chat with her on the QQ.

patience to listen to the needs of

"I’m not as good as you think, but good at communication." Zhang Feng looks very low-key. "In and customer communication process, we should speak less, let the customer say something more. Sometimes the customer inadvertently a word will convey a lot of information." Zhang Fengcheng this type of sales for the "Friends of sales", from the experience of the customer experience in the speech, which recommend more suitable for the goods.

Zhang Feng said that if a customer into the store, no matter how busy, we must put down the hands of the work, first stood aside to listen. Once a customer to buy cigarettes, before opening a teller immediately began to recommend several selling cigarettes to him, the result showed the customer impatient look. On the other side of the busy seeing Zhang Feng hurried to put the teller aside to exchange up with customers. The customer said, these days the throat is always dry, not too much pumping fresh love. Zhang Feng listen to the customer’s implication, immediately took out a small box cigarette from the counter, smiled and said: "brother, try this, the price is not too high, now more popular."

in the end, the customer happily changed into a thin cigarette.

in Zhang Feng’s view, the patience to listen more than talk about the more easily understand the needs of customers, but also allow customers to get a better shopping experience, so that customers need to come, satisfied with.

careful observation, good communication

"those who are good at communicating with customers, but now there are a lot of customers accustomed to ‘casual look’, you want to communicate with him are difficult, hey!" I gave Zhang Fengdao a hard nut to crack in business.

"meet these casual customers, we must understand their mentality. These customers do not like the clerk to be too tight, a lot of questions to ask what to ask or constantly recommend. At this time, should step aside to maintain a certain distance with it, but must be careful attention to the customer’s every act and every move. If the customer is looking at a brand for more than five seconds

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