Business can not be careless

there are many shopkeepers though every day stay in the store’s customer service, however, when the customer really door still lead to the business of the shop is of two minds, affected. When noon, the weather hot, there are few customers into the store to patronize, around three feet of counter rotating my head, mimihuhu always want to have a rest, in order to prevent sleep habits on the computer browsing in the total love big tobacco net. Then a young man came in and said he wanted to buy cigarettes.

I smiled and said: "brother, hello! What kind of cigarettes do you need?!" The boy looked for a moment and said: "boss, give me 1 packs of 20 yuan and 15 yuan a pack of Yellow Crane Tower zhenlong." I immediately put the cigarette from the shelves from him, he gave me 100 dollars I change 65 yuan he’ll go away. Then I continue to visit the tobacco website to see friends of the floor.

not for a while, the boy ablaze with anger over, directly asked me to sell him is what smoke? I don’t know, and he says these cigarettes are fake. I said, how is it possible, I am from the tobacco companies is absolutely impossible to have a cigarette, if it is false I fake a loss of ten, or the number of tobacco complaints to you……"

if not finished he heard "bang" cigarettes fell on my desk, because my counter is the slope of the cigarettes will naturally fall on the ground, his face sweat, very angry. I quickly took the boy in, "brother, we have something to say! You do not worry, there is something slowly said."

young man picked up the cigarette and said: "you have to look at this is what smoke, fake too far away! There is no point in this tobacco can be considered a cigarette?" Take a look dumbfounded, I gave him a bag of the dragon is actually show the samples. Then I quickly embarrassed laugh is my mistake take the wrong, wrong send the sample to you, explaining really picked up a bag of Longyan and a lighter to the refrigerator with a can Red Bull together and gave it to him, I’m sorry.

looked at me an apology, when the young man’s mood is also warm down, said, it does not matter, you are not intentional, to explain clearly, I will receive a lighter, red bull to give you money". Then he took out 5 yuan from his pocket and put it on the counter, and so I came back from the counter to return to him when he has gone far.

spoke of the show is the mold box of tobacco samples to us on the counter in the counter, because I have 3 bars middle section are all the samples, I can’t put down put extra few packets in the drawer too many varieties, may be my husband in do not know the circumstances and come up with put on the shelf, then as long as I am careful should be able to see the sample, it is my carelessness Kanyemeikan is recommended

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