How to avoid the food business in March the end of death

said that although every entrepreneur will face a lot of difficulties at the start of your career, but as long as you can stick with it, make money naturally not a problem, but it is a lot of shops are not from the "March death" phenomenon. Actually. The fledgling restaurant will encounter more or less short-term can not be profitable to make money, in other words, the "March death" is a lot of catering entrepreneurs through a shengsijie, avoid after the catering business is the true sense of the beginning.

food and beverage industry in March, the phenomenon of death is very common, many restaurants are in a period of time after the business quickly cool.

most shops died in March, easy to make the following error:

the first mistake, before the shop, did not understand the most basic thing: who do you want to do business? Very unfortunately, a lot of people indiscriminately, never thought about it. For example, we store in a street, there are a number of death in March to go to the boss with vigour and vitality every year, went to another.

is a Hongkong boss, the first to open a restaurant, started off like clouds, closing time, that’s a miserable ah, hold the first half of the year, ran back to Hongkong, then there is a dry and do wonton noodles, a year, or the loss of a butt. Go. What they have in common is that the health is good, the taste is good, the price is slightly higher, but all defeats miserably.

the same street, has been alive and very bright is what shop? Soybean Milk shop, Rice noodles shop, Malatang, Soybean Milk shop is a first, then there are people to follow suit next to a few, are alive, not dead, you say the smell, truth is quite general, but the price is not cheap, sell mainly Hangzhou brand dumplings, steamed rice, rice congee a cold oil unpalatable to death noodle soup.


of the street are residential buildings, but also a very old residential building, I engage in the village when Royal Guangzhou demolition, a large number of workers on this place subway bus, with Haizhuqu District across the river, too convenient, a sudden influx of Luo Xi, is so simple. Cheap, convenient, can stomach, in the downstairs, the business that survived.

in such a environment, you do authentic Hongkong tea restaurant, richly decorated, people are afraid to come in please, OK? There are the famous Chinese wonton noodle, you know how many people don’t love wonton noodles? Well, they basically live here.

to now, Luoxi this place become the testing ground for the catering industry, catering management before opening, basically unable to get to, now the policy is more relaxed, the streets are all restaurants regardless of how people, full flowering, what are, soup dumplings, open and close, bake a cake fire.

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