Japanese goods are really good Hangzhou destroyed unqualified medical equipment

in life, many people think that Japan has the technology to protect the things, so they seem to be more confident about the quality of their products! However, the Japanese goods are really good? The reporter learned from Zhejiang 9, Hangzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the Bureau recently destroyed a number of on-site supervision of imported from Japan with the blood of polysulfone hollow fiber filter. It is reported that the blood of polysulfone hollow fiber filter used in hollow fiber dialyzer, for hemodialysis patients with renal disease.

The number of

medical equipment a total of 1327 boxes, 121 thousand and 890 beams, the value of $157 thousand and 990. The outer packing cartons have been found signs of water penetration inspection personnel on-site inspection, part of the carton due to moisture extrusion deformation, may cause pollution or cause of partial rupture of hollow fiber products during hemodialysis contaminated blood or leakage, caused serious medical accidents. Hangzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau staff in the batch of hollow fiber quality risk assessment, some of the quality of the damaged hollow filaments were destroyed and destroyed, completely put an end to the security risks.

medical equipment not only meet the daily needs of the hospital, it is an important role for the life and health of patients, Japan in such a serious thing, there are substandard products, the majority of domestic consumers in the purchase of Japanese goods should be more careful! Imported medical devices related to the vital interests of patients, their quality and safety should not be careless. Hangzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau for the inspection of imported medical equipment, in strict accordance with the requirements of quality inspection administration, increase the import of medical equipment verification efforts, to verify whether hold the registration certificate of imported medical instruments, prohibited the import of second-hand, renovation, old medical equipment, to prevent unqualified imported medical equipment.

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