Announced the hotel to join the four promotions

Hotel joined the industry has become a hot election investors, set off a new investment boom. Want to foothold in the hotel industry, for the hotel to join investors, you have to learn a lot of knowledge points. For example, you learn marketing knowledge. Now the following small series for you to announce the hotel joined the four promotions.

first, preferential customer expansion incentive plan

example: in a certain period of time, as long as the introduction of new customers per month up to 3 and each new customers in the hotel consumption of up to $200 in the month, you can send a gift of about $one hundred. Instructions for use: this kind of promotion requires the hotel to do a good job in the work of the relevant information of the customer’s recommendation (if there is a recommendation).

two, preferential hotel room

: on the same day after 10 p.m., business rooms with special gifts or gifts of about $one hundred. Because of different personal ideas, there are a lot of customers for this gift. Instructions for use: in order to prevent the customer from expecting the effect, and in the absence of affecting the normal sales of the room, the hotel should only be aimed at some of the low rate of room sales. The deadline and occupancy rate are determined by the hotel according to the actual situation.

three, gift room

example: gift room should be based on the hotel room for a period of time before the sale of some of the overall occupancy rate of the lower chamber, a gift sales. This method is not limited to time, the start time is determined by the freedom of the hotel.

four, delay promotion

example: if the accommodation for 4 nights, then the accommodation of the night of the free of charge, or continuous stay for 4 nights to send a gift of $one hundred and fifty in 1. There are a lot of customers and get the gift reimbursement rate. Don’t you let him stay. Instructions for use: such promotions are used for the same type of room to continue to live, and continue to live in different Fangxing are not less than the number of.

above is a small series for you to introduce the hotel to join the four promotions. For hotel investors, the increasingly fierce competition in the hotel industry, the hotel opened a hot profit is not easy, but also have to master all aspects of business knowledge. Now grasp the top four promotional tools, I believe you do not worry about the shop profit.

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