Bogey do business shop

investment to do business, if you want to make the business of the store can be successful, there are often some taboos need to worry about us. In short, retail customers in the store business process, may encounter all kinds of people. When dealing with, must control their emotions, remember that "business Friendliness is conducive to business success..". If the mood, not only affects the relationship with customers, but also damage the image of their shops. In the daily operation should pay attention to the following three taboos:

a bogey attitude blunt". Once we encounter the attitude of the owner of the shop is stiff, it will inevitably be depressed: in his shop to buy things like he owed money. He won’t go shopping in the store." The idea is established, no longer patronize. This is because of the rigid attitude of losing customers. Therefore, in the course of business, we must always pay attention to their words and deeds, not because of bad attitude, leaving a bad impression to the customer, resulting in the loss of customers.

two avoid the affinities are different". In the stores to be regulars in attitude and strangers alike, the commodity prices, you can not let the new customers feel unfair to him, so he will return. VIP stable is the foundation, the development of new customers, to help business has a long history and more prosperous.

bogey "all the money". A man without a letter. Integrity is the soul of business, but also a weapon to do business. Make money to earn the money do not feel at ease, determined not to make money, in order to avoid illegal cigarette. Only always do cigarette from tobacco companies to ensure the quality of cigarettes in order to win the trust of customers, so that the healthy development of business.

no matter what kind of investment to do a business, only some of the things that need to be taken into account, it will be of great help to the further development of the business. So, if you want to set up shop to do business, these three taboos also need a lot of attention, so as to be able to make business success rate is higher.

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