Clothing store location four taboo investors must not touch

with the development of economy, people are pursuing higher quality of life, which brings infinite vitality to the clothing industry. But the clothing store Feng Shui location, mainly in the choice of a firm to ensure that the spirit of entrepreneurship, inviting customers, conducive to trading, can bring good business environment. When the site must not violate the following four taboos, Xiaobian lead us to look at.

repellent unpropitious storefront

said not auspicious feng shui architecture, mainly refers to some kind of chimney, toilet, cowshed, stables, funeral homes, hospitals and other easy to make people feel uncomfortable psychological construction. These buildings, or black smoke, or stinking, or crying, or Yin disease. By not auspicious building information, Feng Shui as xiongqi.

if the shop door toward the unlucky building, the stench, howling disease swept will doom yin. Some general merchandise business Sundry Goods can, if business hotel must be opened, diet, less to diners, passengers scarce. Moreover, for operators, often in such an environment, can also cause dizziness, heart qi poor, even severe, will be infected to death, taking up the defeat.

repellent annoying store

the geomancy in site selection, to south. Its purpose is to avoid the summer heat and winter cold. The choice of business address, also need to consider the sun and the wind. So, the best is still facing the south, take the south.

repellent cold store

if the store towards the north, winter is also be unbearable to contemplate. Whether it is blowing the northeast wind, or scraping the north wind, will open the door to the shop in the drill. As cold as a Feng Shui was overweight, evil spirits, harmful to all business activities. The clerk was chill, another kind of suffering, the body also dingyiding, poor health is likely to get sick. Although the clerk is the clothes on fire, but was overweight, so the clerk refused to move, to achieve the purpose of sales of goods. The clerk is reluctant to move because of the cold, it will slow down the flow of goods, resulting in reduced sales of goods.

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