Join Su’s old cattle bones need to meet what conditions

do catering market must rely on the taste of the customer’s heart, so as to ensure that their own money rolling. Of course, food and beverage are aware of this simple truth, but how to do this, Xiao Bian think you can choose at the beginning of a shop with this feature of brand food and beverage. Since the beginning of the brand war. Xiao Bian recommend you for the Soviet Union cattle bones. Old Su’s cattle bones can after thousands of years of history and enduring, has become a unique delicious delicacy in the field of modern style characteristics, which gives the characteristics of bone paste to color aroma and taste of the unique and exclusive sauce production process, so that customers eat a hundred tire, which has brought opportunities for Everfount stores. So join Su cattle bones old what are the requirements to


Su’s old cow bone joining conditions:

1, the franchisee has the ability to independently assume civil liability of natural persons and corporate.

2, with a certain start-up capital.

3, accept Su’s supervision and training old cattle bones headquarters, the headquarters of the compliance management standard.

4, is full of entrepreneurial passion, can treat Su’s old cattle bones join the cause seriously.

5, good for customer service awareness, and consciously safeguard the "old" Su cattle bones brand image and reputation.

Su’s cattle bone shop to join the project a lot of advantages, very suitable for investors to start a business, you are still hesitant what?.

if you want to join or want to continue to understand, please leave a message at the bottom of our website, we will see the message after the first reply to you.

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