Wu Xiaomei well groomed can make customers eye

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are aware of the need to pay attention to the image, all dressed in bright, and this is actually the same for stores for. Wu Xiaomei on the profound understanding of this, and in the actual business process is also strictly abide by this, so that the store is more determined by the customer, store business is more and more popular.

people’s first impression is very important. I do not know whether we have noticed that the barber shop barber if their hair is not beautiful can not attract customers. Selling cosmetics, if their skin is not good, it is difficult to convince customers. Moreover, when we are shopping, if the owner is warm and generous, fresh and natural, it will give the customer a good impression, it is easier to win the trust of customers.

in particular, the owner of the sale of food, if the dress is clean and refreshing, food placed neatly, it will give the customer a clean first impression, it will increase the customer’s desire to buy. If you do not wear clothes, dirty clothes, will leave the impression that the customer is not healthy, lose the desire to buy.

because I run a grocery store to shop for so many years, I am very aware of their image, no matter how busy business, I have to take care of themselves more clean, neat and clean, and try our best to wear stylish and beautiful, with food, pay attention to wear disposable gloves.

it not only gives me a good feeling, but always gives the customer a bright feeling. A lot of customers will see me jokingly said: "to your store shopping than in other stores more comfortable." In addition, in the service of customers, and customer communication, I always pay attention to the use of a variety of facial expressions, and strive to make their own expression language richer, so that customers eyes smooth.

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has been carefully dressed, whether it is a shop, or the owner, to the customer who left a very good impression, which can attract more consumers invisible. So, if you want to make your own shop in the current competitive market occupies a space for one person, Wu Xiaomei may wish to learn business skills, dress up can let the store business is good.

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