What needs to be done in the market survey

stores will need about location, location problem, may say three days and nights are endless. Many businesses want to learn more about the location of knowledge. In fact, there is no fixed position location skills, but no matter what the shop opened, before the site to do some market research is still necessary. What needs to be done in the market survey? Come and see.

1. constitute

than population

2. than traffic condition

3. than operating team

shops in the management team, like a stone in the skilled craftsmen. Have a rich experience in the management of business operations team trader can live a commercial project in a very short time inside, which has very high popularity. Comparison of the management team, you can use the human resources department to interview candidates in the usual approach – the behavior of the interview, that is, through the management of the team’s past behavior to predict their future behavior. In a behavioral interview, several problems are "did what", "how to do" and "get what results", so investors can also use this way to examine the management team of past management which is how to manage the project, how to achieve results. Through this comparison, the general management team will have a general understanding of the operating capacity.

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