What are the common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

Although a large number of

entrepreneurs, but want to succeed in business but also need to pay more efforts. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs have a certain common personality can be used as a reference. So, what are the common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs? Let Xiaobian bring you together to know.

many people of outstanding entrepreneurs analysis, hope to dig out its successful characteristics from them, "Forbes" patent writer David Dessoff (David DiSalvo) published an article that entrepreneurial success is common in the personality, the following is the article called "The Five Hallmarks of Highly Respected Achievers" (business has five characteristics into the details).


calls "success" is "achievement". It is difficult to define whether the success of entrepreneurship, but defined as achievement is simple. Create a long-term revenue and profit growth of the company, for many employees to provide jobs, help customers create value, to help shareholders win a good return on investment, brings positive effects and so on, these are all have many entrepreneurs want to achieve.

1, just right toughness (Tempered Tenacity)

this is the hardest part of entrepreneurship, and it is also the key difference between a successful entrepreneur and an attempt to open the door. You have to know when to listen and when to hold on. It sounds simple, but it is not easy to do it.

When 17Life

had "lunch king", they have been constantly listening to feedback membership, adds many new features, but the result is the site to make it into a grotesque, and finally found the new members did not get started, led to the stagnation of growth. When smartpoint technology should abandon the "mini nest" instead of "God", all of them told them that this is unlikely to succeed, but they finally decided to throw the helve after the hatchet to create a super, successful game company.

2 (Consistent Commitment), as

when you observe these "winners", you will find that they often have good quality, and can adhere to the word. They will not use a gorgeous sheep abduction back but let you get on the bus, you find that he is actually selling dog meat. They know that in the short-term interests to bluff and deceive will eventually result in huge losses and irreparable. This is the case in the era of information network. More importantly, they know that they must do so, so that there are second opportunities for cooperation.

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