Burn the world cup sponsor Yingli can out of the quagmire loss

these days, every morning there are countless fans watching TV or computer next to watch the world cup in Brazil tournament. The athletes on the field and passion are "Chinese Yingli, court" and "YINGLISOLAR" advertising banners rolling broadcast.

the world cup sponsor from Hebei Baoding – Yingli Green Energy Company’s largest global PV module shipments (YGE.NYSE, hereinafter referred to as "Yingli").

2005, Yingli company to the World Cup Stadium in Kaiserslautern where the supply of PV products, shipping when suddenly a typhoon, the component was blown into the sea, Yingli quickly again shipped by ship to air transportation. In order to return the Yingli, court decided to match with the advertising rights compensation World Cup warm-up, this is also the first encounter with the world cup miaoliansheng. In 2007, Yingli is paying for the Spanish team sponsor aosasuna.

however, many people told reporters, Yingli investment in the amount of investment is not much, mainly due to the signing time too late, from the start, only about half a year. Compared with the other sponsors, Yingli at the right is less.

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